Sunday, June 16, 2013

2013 Father's Day Night Fishin' - "An Eight Hour Tour"

For those of you that KNOW me, 3 hours of fishing is comparable to a fat kid getting a freezie pop from the ice cream truck.  It's just not enough!  Don't get me wrong, I loved the time with my family earlier in the day.  It's priceless, and I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING.  However, I need some more fishing time.  It's my leisurely passion!

@ 2:00 my buddy Chad asks if we can fish Beltzville tonight.  I explained that we were just walking in the door from a short morning trip ... BUT SURE!  9:30PM and I was on the water again.  Water temps were hovering around 68 degrees.  Our goal was to hook into a few stripers!

The night was calm for the most part and the stripers were the only things making noise as they rustled up the alewives against the banks.  We sat around and tossed right dab smack in the middle of them while it lasted.

It's simply amazing how feisty these little critters are!  My rod was nearly doubled under the boat on numerous occasions tonight.  The size hasn't been the same as in years past, but the numbers are still there.  (Don't get me wrong, I'll take 4lb. and 5 lb. stripers any day of the week).  You just have to find what they want!  Tonight, we were able to do that!

We were even rewarded with a few BONUS fish tonight!

Chad only landed 1 fish tonight but this WALLEYE made his night.

P.S. Always stay awake on the ride home, or you face the high possibility of starring in pictures like this:

We boated between 10-12 stripers, 2 smallmouth bass and a walleye tonight.  NOT TO SHABBY for the DEAD SEA!

Note: This post is dedicated to Abel DeLuna.  Abel was one of 47 seniors that just graduated Lincoln Leadership Academy.  Abel drowned earlier today at a swim party for our seniors.  Abel was an outstanding young man and a  member of our first ever graduating class,   You will NEVER be forgotten.  Rest in Peace Abel


2013 Father's Day Fishin' - "A Three Hour Tour"

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Due to some family commitments, we decided to go fishing a day before Father's Day.  8:00 AM and we were packed and on the road to Beltzville Lake in Lehighton, PA.  This was to be Kaden's 1st time on a boat and it sure was fun!  As you can see, Kaden had no problems giving the fish a kiss goodbye!  :)  In total , DAD was able to bring 3 fish to the boat for Kaden during this "Three Hour Tour!"  Nothing like pressure from your little man yelling "fishie, fishie, fishie .... continuously.  Can't blame him!  I think he already has the fever!  I didn't even have to brainwash him with cheesy Jimmy Houston shows.  :)

Olivia thinks that's pretty disgusting Kaden!

The next fish was even better!  Kaden looked the fish up and down before "LICKING IT!"  I kid you not!  My son looked at the fish and decided to see if largemouth bass tasted better than his Gerber treats.  Unfortunately, it happened all so fast and we didn't get a good picture.

Kaden even attempted to play captain and take over all steering responsibilities.  Tavion was waiting patiently for his turn!

My oldest son, Tavion would rather be playing x-box live with his buddies.  However, I'm glad he was a good sport and came along for the short three hour trip.

A special thanks goes out to my baby ... Jess.  Thanks for the family trip today babe!

Great Father's Day!  I'm extremely blessed! Thanks for hanging with DAD .....

Thanks for viewing my blog - steeler

Monday, June 10, 2013

Beltzville Lake 6/8/13

Hit Beltzville Lake on Saturday, June 8, 2013.  The plan was to catch the sunset bite before doing a little night fishing.  Water temps were consistently showing 68 degrees.  The lake was stained and water clarity was pretty tough by Beltzville standards.  Seems as if all fish are post spawn!  We fished from 5:00PM to 2:00PM and boated between 15-20 fish.  Fish were taken on crankbaits, topwater, jerkbaits and various plastics.  Here are a few from today.  I won't mention the two BIG ones lost around midnight.  I promise .. :)

Not sure why I had the "serious" face on.  Haha!  Check out the NICE smallie though .... Nice chunker!

  STRIPERS are better than STRIPPERS!  

However, Chad pulled in the BIG fish of the night.  I could have claimed that but lost 2 MONSTERS.  But I won't talk about it - promise!