Sunday, April 20, 2014

Muddy Water Smallies 4/18 & 4/19, 2014

Cabin fever was at an all-time high this week.  I could no longer stand being "cooped" up in the house. Recent rains were probably going to put a damper on numbers but we were going to give it a try! Friday morning at 10:00 we headed out to the Delaware Water Gap area.  We looked for water that would possibly produce some fish.  Unfortunately, the "chocolate water" was everywhere. The water was moving fast so our spirits were not so high.  We ducked in and out of eddy's and fished current seams.  In all, we boated 14 fish.  This was enough to keep us around for another day.  Day 2 was much better!  27 fish in all. Water temps hovered around the 42 mark and all fish came on tubes and crankbaits.  

This 19.5 inch smallmouth was MY highlight this weekend!  Looking forward to some great upcoming weeks of fishing! 

Fish were definitely feeding up for the spawn!  FUN stuff this weekend ... 

I'd kiss these girls all day long!  How about you?  

C'mon Chad - smile for the camera!  

Too bad this was the ONLY Bill Lewis crankbait in this color at Bass Pros.  It's a winner and landed numerous fish this weekend.  

A few black spots on the fish this weekend but nothing outrageous.  This is the hole where we pulled out about 6 fish until a beaver showed up and started smacking his tail around.  I guess we were in his hole.  That put an immediate stoppage to catching fish from this area.  Oh well ... also watched a nesting eagle.  Good weekend out on the water!  

BONUS FISH of the weekend:

Chad needed about 15 minutes to land this 12 lb carp!  He was hoping and praying for a muskie!  

1st fish of the weekend was a small trout!  Haven't caught one of these in so long, I placed my fingers in its' mouth to take a picture.  Geez ... Haha!  Thanks for reading my blog!  Check back soon - steeler