Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello, my name is steeler and I'm a fishaholic!

The plan was to hit the Susquehanna this Saturday, November 16, 2013.  You know the routine - leave my house at 4:00AM and hit the water at first light.  Why is it that plans rarely go as planned?  HAHA ... My buddy Chad fell asleep Friday night and didn't throw his fishing gear in the dryer.  He attempted to do so at 3:30AM only to discover his dryer "kicked the bucket!"  I'm thinking this was a sign of things to come.  However, my name is steeler and I'm a fishaholic!  Chad threw his clothes in my dryer and we finally left around 7:00AM.  We were on the water by 9:00AM!  Too bad the fish weren't ready to take pictures.

Fishing was so tough we had to place "rally tubes" in our beanies!  When times are tough, the tough wear "rally tubes" in their beanies.  Water temps ranged from 38-40.  The water was gin clear and blue bird skies hovered above.  Uggggh!  We fished from 10:00 to 4:00 and landed ONLY 7 fish!  It was heart-breaking!

Here are a few shots from the worst day I've ever had on the North Branch of the Susquehanna River:

We tossed jerkbaits, "little spanky's", crankbaits and about 10 different color tubes.  This one like the orange w/purple flake.  On the way home we decided that we didn't get our money's worth and decided to hit Beltzville Lake.  We only stayed for two hours or so but it was worth it.  I lost a nice walleye at the boat in the first 10 minutes.  Then we hooked into these gals:

I know many people would be happy with this haul.  However, this was one of the toughest days this year.  I will give it another try soon!  I'm guessing it's time to concentrate on stripers for a little.  I'm ready to go now!  Thanks for reading.  Hope you enjoyed!  - steeler

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Chasing 40 on my 40th

This Thursday, November 7, 2013 I turned 40 years old.  As many of you know, there is no other way I'd like to celebrate this occasion than spending a day chasing smallmouth bass.  This birthday was special in more ways than one.  I was joined on this trip by Tavion - my 14 year old son.  I almost lost my "scruples" when my Tavion said he would join me fishing this weekend.  Does it get any better than this?

We hooked up the boat and headed for the North Branch of the Susquehanna at 4:00AM.  Yes, my son slept the entire way.  However, if that's all it takes for him to join dad for a day of fishing be it!  We arrived to the ramp around 6:30 and were in the water by 7:00.  Air temperature was 26 degrees.  Water temperatures started at 38 and rose to 41 as the day went on.  Within the first 3 minutes, there was a fish in the boat.  Yes, let the pictures begin.

Our day ended at 4:00PM.  I had to get my son back to attend a party with his girlfriend.  Pop earned a bunch of "COOL" points for this.  Maybe he will join me again one day soon!  Thanks for reading ....


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Night Stalkin' Stripers 11/2/13

Due to my buddy OVER SLEEPING this morning (I won't say any names CHAD), we reverted to Plan B and stalked some stripers Saturday night.  It was a beautiful start to the night.  The fish weren't biting just yet but it sure was a pretty sunset:

Once the sun went down, it was COLD out there.  The fishing gods rewarded our efforts with 4 fish this evening.  Yes, it was a slow night.  However, sometimes QUALITY is better than QUANTITY.  All of our fish were caught on lipless crankbaits.  NOTHING else seemed to work.  

Here's my 10lb. 28 inch striper

and here are my buddy's other 3 fish:

Until next time ...... steeler

Vlad & Steeler Show - Fall Smallie Bassin' 10/19/13

October 19, 2013 and the "Vlad & Steeler Show" returns with live footage from the North Branch of the Susquehanna River.  It's been quite some time since Vlad and I have been able to chase some smallmouth.  Needless to say, we were happier than kids in a candy store.

Water temperatures were in the low 60's and there was a minor stain to the water.  In total, we pulled between 30-35 fish to the boat.  As usual, there were a few stragglers that managed to come unbuttoned boat side.  It just wasn't their time to take a picture and appear on the show.  :)

Anyway, it was great to get back out there with a good buddy.  We used tubes, cranks and jerbaits to entice all fish today.  Here are a few pictures from our day:                       

GREAT DAY ON THE WATER WAYNE!  Hope to get back out there soon!