Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How to Capture that Trophy Fish in a Picture

I'm probably posting this more for my own viewing, but my fishing has gone statewide.  :0   I was out fishing with Chris Gorsuch from Backwoods Angler last season.  I've been on a few trips with Chris and nothing gets better than this.  I'm like a kid on Christmas morning while traveling to meet up with him.  Chris takes incredible pictures and included one of mine in an article he writes for the PA Boater & Fishing Magazine.  First, I'd like to say a BIG thank you to Chris for making my day.  Second, if you ever need a professional guide, look Mr. Gorsuch up through Backwoods Angler.

 Two years ago, we were out on the Susquehanna River and pulled in 166 fish in about 8 hours of fishing.  Chris takes awesome pictures and always puts his guests first.  If you have the opportunity, look him up.  You won't regret it!

P.S. This article is in the November/December issue of 2012.  It tells all about How to Capture that Trophy Fish in a Picture.  Some great advice is in this article folks.  Thanks and have a great night!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Slammin' Smallies with ST. DOT 10/2012

Well, it's that time of year again.  The leaves, air and water temperatures are falling faster than the offensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  This can mean only ONE THING!  It's time to hit the Susquehanna River for some smallmouth bass action.  Mid October is always a fun time, and I was FINALLY able to convince my brother to get out and fish this gorgeous river for the first time in his life.

Let me start by saying the weather gods could have been just a little more friendly.  We fished with a constant bow in our lines from the wind. The sporadic rainfalls were troublesome.  However, we were able to "grin and fish" it.  The action was pretty constant throughout the day.  We managed to land 65 fish total.  However, we probably lost another 25-30.  I'm guessing part of this was the "Walmart" brand jig heads we had to pick up at the last moment.  The wind also made it extremely tough to feel the mush mouth bites. Anyway, here are a few fish from the day.  Tubes, Jerk Baits and Spinner Baits were the ticket today.

This was not the biggest fish of the day, but can you see why they call em footballs this time of year?

My brother was able to edge me by 4 fish 35-31.  Safe to say we will be hitting the river again soon!

                                           We managed to bring in 4 DOUBLES on the day!

The water looks calm in the background but it was more like the Atlantic Ocean at times today.

Yes, we caught enough fish to have some fun and make the pictures a little more interesting!  HAHA

Another beautiful CHUNKER from the Good OLE Susquehanna River!

 This was a solid fish but Steve was able to land most of the BIGGER GALS today!  Hey, he is used to bringing in the bigger girls though.

Only 1 of the 65 fish caught today had black spots!  It's good to see percentages like this!  Hope you had fun viewing.