Sunday, August 7, 2011

The "Vlad & Steeler Show" - live from Lake Wallenpaupak

As some of you already know - I'm an active member of Eastern Pennsylvania Fishing Reports (EPFR).  It's a great site if anyone is interested in checking it out.  If you decide to visit or become a member, you will learn that most of my fishing is done with a good buddy, Wayne (site screen name is Vlad).  Wayne and I have a great time night fishing.  We pretend to have a television show and title our fishing adventures as such.  I post most of my adventures on this site and wanted to share this one from tonight. I hope everyone enjoys - have a good night.  -steeler

Okay, the Vlad & Steeler made its' return this weekend - live from Lake Wallenpaupak.  Wayne arrived to my house Friday night at 10:00PM and we hit the road to the Pack!  After prepping the boat, our gear, rods, lure selections for the evening (makes things easier when lures are laying out on the deck of the boat), etc. we were fishin' by 12:30AM or so.  We tried hitting a shoreline that has been productive in the past but NO LUCK!  We decided to go to our second location and ..... BANG

Not sure of the weight and length but she was a hefty critter.  Any thoughts on how big she is ladies and germs? We fished this island for about another hour and then ... BANG - I hooked into her gorgeous twin sister

By this time, I was quite the happy camper the "eyes" came out to co-star on the "Vlad & Steeler Show."  The bite picked up after this second walleye.  We boated numerous dink smallmouth, largemouth and rock bass.  Then BANG ... Wayne hooked into this pretty gal

Even funnier was the face Wayne made after this pretty gal decided to take a flop on the boat.  She was quite the feisty one!  Wayne hurried, gave her a hug and dipped her back into the drink

A little while later, I found her little sister eating popcorn and watching the "Vlad & Steeler Show" on Versus.  You know, we come on right after Blaine.  Cough ... cough!   ;D

All in all we had a great time again up north at the PACK.  We boated around 15 fish from 12:30AM to 8:00AM.  We also had several follows by nice fish, lost one or two nice ones (that's the norm with us) and had a giant bear try to jump on the boat.  Okay, I'm fibbing about the bear but the bats were out in full force that night.  For some reason, the bats kept trying to land on Wayne's head.   ;D


Monday, August 1, 2011

Ocean City, MD updated pictures

Good evening Bloggers.  I just received a few NEW pictures from Ocean City, MD and wanted to share.  I hope you enjoy - again, it was an AWESOME vacation.

Here was another of our decent collection of flounder.  They pail in comparison to a 6 lb. largemouth but that's just fine in my book!  It was a heck of a vacation.

Again, these ugly little sea robin critters are something else.

My fishin' buddy for the week (Paul) with his "beaut" of a tuna.

Hey, there was a "Dew Tour" this week in Ocean City, MD (see the bottom right of the picture) but the fishin' was much better.  

One of the coolest moments of the trip was when 4 dolphins came within 5 feet of the boat.  We were on our way out to go crabbin' in the bay.  Good stuff

Hope you enjoyed as usual and GOOD NIGHT!