Thursday, December 8, 2011

Juniata River Smallmouth 12/3/11

Hello steeler fishin' blog fans!  :)  The "steeler and vlad fishing show" was out to film a new segment for our television show to be aired when someone calls us up, offers us a ludicrous amount of money and gives us the freedom of speech.  HaHa!  In all seriousness, we hit the Juniata this past weekend for the first time ever.  We were invited by Backwoods Angler Guide and EPFR member Chris Gorsuch (Objet).  We got to fish on his NEW River Pro Jet Boat.  If I could choose one word to describe this machine it would be SWEET!

These Juniata fish sure do put up one hell of a fight and absolutely loved Chris' new prototype tube bait

Are they FAT or what?  Some of these HAWGS could easily swallow a can of soda for dessert.  Chris is pictured below.  Chris didn't have many pictures taken because his focus was putting us on fish.  Thanks again Chris!  Wayne and I really appreciate your kindness.  Next time, you don't have to be nice to him though.  :)

We even had a few DOUBLES on the day.  Not too shabby for a cold December day of fishin'

Wayne with a beautiful girl below.  Probably the cutest female he's ever had the pleasure of "touching lips" with.  Just kidding Wayne!  :)

And Wayne would probably say the same for me .... HaHa

Is this one a FOOTBALL or what?  Roger Goodell wishes he could have his name on this one!

Another nice CHUNK caught by Chris! He looks like a kid at Christmas!  Believe me, that's how we all looked every time a fish was brought in.  46 fish total for the day.  Yes, the holiday cheer was everywhere!

Did I mention how COLD it was out there when we were not in the sun?  Brrrrrrrr

It was a great day on the water.  46 fish total, lots of laughs and the new chocolate chip crawdad tube (as I like to call it) was on FIRE!  Thanks again to Chris from Backwoods Angler.  If you ever want to hit the Susquehanna River, Delaware River, Juniata River or ANY body of water Chris and Blaine Mengel Jr. from Backwoods Angler fish, give these guys a call.  I'm absolutely positive you won't regret it.  There website is listed below and thanks to everyone for reading.  Have a great day! - steeler