Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day DRIFTING 9/1/2013

What better way to celebrate the Labor Day weekend then fishing the Susquehanna River?  I can't think of many off the top of my head!  I hooked up with a fellow EPFR member PA PACO and we drifted a beautiful stretch of the North Branch from 6:00AM - 1:00PM.  Here was our method of transportation for this fishing adventure:

It was an outstanding day on the water!  I honestly don't know how many bass we caught.  There were too many distractions.  One of those "distractions" was spending 15 minutes bringing this 31 inch carp to the boat:

There was another "distraction" and it was PA PACO's 24 inch catfish:

Then were these irritating smallmouth bass that kept "distracting" us!  HAHA!  

We didn't hook into the size we hoped to while fishing for smallmouths but thankfully there were a few othere species willing to cooperate.  I won't talk about that possible citation smallie that spit my hook and laughed on her way back down into the water.  All in all, it was a great day on the drink!  All fish were caught on tubes today.  We were stubborn when it came to change.  Besides, why change when something is working? 

After our initial float, my brother (ST. DOT on EPFR) came up the campsite with his son.  The four of us went back out for a few hours.  Again, we hooked into a bunch of fish.  Not much in the way of HEFT but still fun!  Here is my nephew's first Susquehanna smallmouth:

Yep, that's us floating along in the background!  Too bad ST. DOT caught the skunk today.  Still, having your son catch a fish is PRICELESS!  

Other highlights of this trip included a bald eagle watching our every move and PA PACO's dog Rita stealing my stinky socks!  Thanks for visiting my blog!  See you soon - steeler
This I-phone picture doesn't do this bird justice.  It was right above our heads!