Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hello everyone,

The Vlad & Steeler Show hit the road yet again yesterday.  We decided to give Lake Wallenpaupak a go since local river levels were bordering on NOT TOO SAFE for a prop.  Well, we made the incorrect decision but that's how it goes sometimes.  Don't get me wrong, we landed a couple of fish but nothing to write home about.  Heck, we didn't even take many pictures today.

The winds and white caps made the water treacherous at times but we ALWAYS manage to have a good time.  Thanks to the weather man who said it would only be "breezy!"  The hot air coming from his mouth was breezy.  HaHa  Anyway, we brought in a few small smallmouth, largemouth and pickerel.  Wayne even managed a perch on a tube.  It was a MONSTER.  Wait until you see the picture.

All in all we still had a fun day.  However, we are really starting to wonder why we fish lakes so often.  You river rats have us chomping at the bit to become a member of the River Ration Nation.  Hope everyone is fat and happy from the Turkey Day Holiday.  Enjoy the weekend ....

And here was the MONSTER that Wayne managed to pull in.  Sorry Buddy, had to poke a little fun at you.  Heck, you always do it to me.  I'm sure I'll be able to land a BIG BOY like this some day soon. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Seeking MORE smallies on the Susquehanna 11/12/11

Hello everyone,

Sorry this wasn't posted sooner, but my good buddy Wayne and I were back on the Susquehanna River last weekend.  We were in search of these fish the locals call smallies.  HaHa ... 1st cast of the day and WE LANDED A DOUBLE!  OH BOY ... GOING TO BE A GOOD DAY. 

anyway, it was a cold day out there.  Water temps were 42-44 for the most part and the fish just wouldn't cooperate as expected.  We were able to bring in about 20 fish but it certainly didn't meet our expectations.  Oh well ... that's why they call it fishing.  That line is old but until someone coins a new phrase I'll stick with it. 

Wayne's best fish of the day sure was a BEAUTY

This sweetheart was just shy of 20 inches.  I was rather happy to say the least.  :)

Okay, I'm ready to get back on the drink and catch some pretty PIG BEASTS like this.

Another nice CHUNK

And last but not least ... this little guy had only one eye.  It was still good enough to see my tube bait.  Even better news, he will live to see for a long time out of that one eye.  CATCH & RELEASE only!  Thanks for checking out my blog and have a safe and happy TURKEY DAY.  steeler