Sunday, January 24, 2016

Beltzville (1) week before the "Blizzard of 2016"

I'm sitting here after spending (2) days shoveling out from the "Blizzard of 2016" when it hits me.  We were fishing for stripers and smallmouth bass (1) week ago!  Today, I finally completed shoveling the 31.9 inches of snow that this super storm "Jonas" dumped on us here in Whitehall, PA.
This is when the time machine from "Back to the Future" would be handy. Why not when we were catching fish like this in the middle of January:

P.S. Air temperatures dropped down to 26 degrees.  Water temperatures leveled out at 40 degrees. We would like to thank Beltzville Lake for being so generous to us on this day!

This "C" class smallie was just over 20".  Too bad you can't see the smile on my face!  Check out the belly on this beast below: 

This is a perfect example of why sometimes pictures don't do a fish "justice!"  These first two pictures are the same fish.  This gal had a BIG BELLY! 

We are always having fun!  Chad didn't want to "photo bomb" this picture!  

Another fine specimen!  The fish didn't fight like a 70 degree spring day on the Susquehanna.  However, it's a blast to practice CPR (Catch-Photo-Release) with these gorgeous bronzebacks. 

Chad got onto the "bass board" with this CHUNKY 18 inch winter smallmouth!              

We both found a GREEN "toothy critter!  Always a blast landing a few pickerel!  I'm a Steelers fan and Chad cheers for that team with a "star" from Texas.  There aren't many days we cheer for green.  Yes, that was a "shot" at the Philadelphia Eagles.  Mo is and Eagles fan!  Sorry Mo ..... 

Here was the second best bronzeback of the morning.  She was just shy of 20 inches.  Almost had (2) "C" class smallies on the same day.  Still ... what a morning on Beltzville Lake.  

We arrived to Beltzville around midnight and fished for a few hours with no luck!  Mo and Chad decided to kick the heater on and take a nap.  We were waiting for that sun to come up and chase those smallies above.  

You can see the heater blasting some warmth in their direction.  Heck, Mo even brought along his sleeping bag.  I'm up front fishing and playing paparazzi!  Haha! Did I mention we landed 3 stripers before the morning light? 

 Caught this one immediately upon throwing in my first cast.  Usually, that's bad luck.  NOT on this adventure .... 

Chad logging another "Liner" from Beltzville.  We continue to have a decent year up there.  Hoping for more of the same in the year to come.  

Every time I give them a kiss they look me right in the eyes! Haha ... It was another great night and early morning on Beltzville.  We landed (3) stripers, (2) pickerel, and (5) smallmouth!  Not too bad for a COLD winter day of fishing.  Now that the snow has begun to pound us here in Pennsylvania this may be our last trip until the spring.  BUT YOU NEVER KNOW WITH US ...... .

Thanks for stopping by to check out our adventures!  steeler

Just figured I would show the smallest fish of the trip.  It was this 15 inch smallmouth.  What was he thinking?  We were chasing his parents and grandparents! 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Winter Fishin'

Hit Beltzville Lake w/ Maurice and Chad for our first excursion of 2016.  Air temp was 30' when we started and dropped to 28'. Water temp was a steady 45'. Wind was gusting from 10-15 mph but seemed much worse considering the white caps that engulfed the lake. Hey, we did manage a few fish though. 

 I also managed to bring a chunky little rock bass to the boat. Wrong kind of "rock" fish though. Just good to be out. Ready for some exciting fishing stories in 2016.