Sunday, December 27, 2015

Fall / Winter 2015 recap

Good evening everyone -                                                                 December 27, 2015

It's been a long time since my last blog post.  Yes, I've been slacking and promise to "get back on track" in 2016.  Honestly, I think my frustration in posting comes with dealing with using Photobucket to transfer pictures to my blog.  It's so slow, duplicates numerous copies of each picture for some odd reason, and just isn't "user friendly."  I'm in the market for a NEW photo sharing website.

Anyway, I've been fishing all fall and early this winter.  I've been hunting underwater at my usual stomping grounds:

1. Beltzville Lake
2. North Branch of the Susquehanna River
3. Main stem of the Susquehanna River
4. Lehigh River

I'm still chasing smallmouth bass and stripers with Chad, Maurice, Steve, Ken, and a few other fishing buddies.  Still a BIG fan of the "accidental" walleyes and northern pike.  Hope you enjoy the following sample of pictures. Happy Holidays and see you in 2016!

NOTHING better than pulling a nice chunky smallmouth bass from 30 feet of water!

I don't always fish for pike ... but when I do ... it's luck and I'm happier than a pig in mud! 

I'm still wondering why smallmouth bass (and largemouth for that matter) all have that white spot on their gill plate.  Can someone please explain?  Google is NO HELP! 

Beltzville stripers are always fun!  Chad hooked into this one 1st thing in the morning.  

This fish was simply meant to be as the background was screaming to be in a picture! 

Notice the "black" spot on the caudal (tail) fin?  Many theories behind these blotchy spots.  Hmmm

Crack of dawn "Crank Baitin'"  

Not the biggest fish in the water but a "double" is a "double!"  Mo is wondering how long it's going to take Chad to take the picture.  

Now that's a NICE North Branch pike!  Chad is looking for his momma in the background.  

Kenny with a CHUNK of a smallmouth from the Main Stem of the Susquehanna!  PIG .... 

Needed this striper to get the adrenaline pumping again.  Just finished the last of my coffee.  

Float trip on the Lehigh River.  This picture is just awful.  This was a 19 inch smallmouth from the Lehigh River.  That's as rare as the Philadelphia Eagles winning a Super Bowl.  Yep, NEVER HAPPENS!  

An "ACCIDENTAL" walleye from the North Branch!  Bonus fish!  

An "ACCIDENTAL" crappie from Beltzville Lake 

Main Stem "MUSH MOUTH" MONSTER!  It was a "scratch 19

Another Beltzville "CHUNK" from 30-35 feet of water

Steve's early morning "DEAD SEA" delight!  This is the ONLY fishing picture I have since we fished in July.  Hint: You need to fish more, Steve!  Haha! 

The "shadow rap" slams another North Branch bronzeback! 

Sometimes you have those 70-80 fish days and the thought is to see who can come up with the most "original" picture.  Oh, wish I could share all of these .... 

Chad's not so "original" in this picture but that was a nice fish! 

Beltzville is still producing for us!  Water temps are currently 48 degrees.  We will be out there for a few more weeks. 

Now this is an "original" picture!  I'm guessing this bass reads quite often.  He should read the one about the "fish that was hooked by an angler and then photobombed during the picture!"  I can even see my reflection in Mo's glasses.  

I don't get my little man (Kaden) out much because we mainly night fish Beltzville and travel great distances to fish the Susquehanna.  However, this one is priceless.  Love this little guy! 

Night time fishing at Beltzville! 

The smile says it all!  Nothing better then some night time bronzeback hunting at Beltzville!  

Happy Holidays everyone!  See you in 2016 ....